Construction/Contractor All Risks (CAR) Insurance

Contractor’s All Risk Insurance provides comprehensive and adequate coverage for loss or damage to contract works, construction plant and equipment, and/or construction machinery, as well as third-party claims for property damage or bodily injury arising from the execution of a civil engineering project. This policy is particularly beneficial to consulting engineers, architects, and financiers because it contributes to lower overall construction costs while also providing effective financial protection for all parties involved.

Covered Risks

  • Accidental damage to the project site, including buildings, machinery, and equipment
  • Liability for injury or damage to third-party property or persons caused during the construction process
  • Theft or damage to construction materials and supplies
  • Loss of profits or revenue due to project delays or interruptions


of Work

Any individual or organization involved in the construction or renovation of a building or structure should consider purchasing CAR insurance. This includes contractors, architects, engineers, and property owners.
Construction/Contractor All Risks (CAR) insurance is a type of policy that provides coverage for damages or losses that occur during the construction process of a building or structure. It includes coverage for the building materials, machinery, equipment, and tools used in the construction project, as well as third-party liability.
CAR insurance typically covers loss or damage to the property being constructed or renovated, including damage caused by fire, floods, earthquakes, theft, and vandalism. It also covers injury or death to third parties, such as bystanders or workers not employed by the contractor.

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