Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for various risks and losses that may not be covered under standard insurance policies. This type of insurance can include a wide range of policies, such as burglary insurance, plate glass insurance, fidelity guarantee insurance, and more.

Insurance policies

  • This policy provides coverage for losses due to theft or attempted theft of your business property.
  • This policy provides coverage for damage or breakage of plate glass windows, doors, and other fixed glass.
  • This policy provides coverage for losses due to fraudulent activities of employees, such as embezzlement, theft, or forgery.


of Work

Miscellaneous insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for a wide range of risks and liabilities that are not covered by other types of insurance policies.
Miscellaneous insurance policies can cover a variety of risks, including personal liability, identity theft, travel insurance, event cancellation, and more.
If you already have other insurance policies, such as home, auto, or health insurance, you may still need miscellaneous insurance to provide additional coverage for risks that are not covered by those policies.

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