Sales Turnover Policy

A Sales Turnover Policy covers a company’s sales turnover unlike the other marine open policies which cover the value of goods offered for insurance. The company’s annual estimated turnover can be covered as a single amount and various transits involved to achieve sales in the business are automatically covered. Sales Turnover Policy is a highly flexible and customizable marine insurance cover. Instead of covering a particular type of transit, this policy can cover all the transits that are required to achieve sales.

Insurance policies

  • Coverage for loss of profits and business interruption caused by unforeseen events
  • Optional extensions for increased coverage, such as cover for increased cost of working and cover for additional premises
  • Cover for specified perils such as fire, theft, or damage to property


of Work

Sales Turnover Policy is an insurance policy that covers the loss of gross profit resulting from a decrease in turnover caused by the occurrence of an insured peril.
Any business that relies on a steady stream of revenue can benefit from a Sales Turnover Policy. This includes manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and service providers.
Perils covered under Sales Turnover Policy may include fire, flood, theft, or other specified events that can impact your business’s ability to generate revenue.

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